For the hundreds of millions of people who currently suffer from chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, pulmonary or bronchial disease, and allergies, simply breathing can be a daily challenge, and breathing difficulties can lead to serious health complications.

A major challenge in respiratory therapy is the efficient delivery of the medication to the bronchi and bronchioles in the lower respiratory tract. To overcome this challenge, inhalers and nebulizers convert the medication to an aerosolized form for rapid delivery. These devices convert liquid medication into a mist of microscopic particles that is then inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask.

OMRON Healthcare offers an entire line of nebulizers to suit a wide range of applications. OMRON nebulizers deliver superior performance, thanks to their advanced technology, ease of function and durability. OMRON nebulizers are easy to disinfect, and they consume less power than other compressor-based nebulizers. For patients with an active lifestyle, OMRON also offers a series of hand-held nebulizers with the same advanced technology and features as our professional-grade models, giving you the freedom to receive treatment on the go.