Omron HBP 1300

Omron HBP 1300

Portable blood pressure monitor ideal for ward use

The HBP-1300 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use with a durable design that includes a built-in handle making the monitor easily portable. It is designed for use in professional settings and is clinically proven to produce fast and reliable results.

The monitor is compatible with a series of wipe-clean GS cuffs ranging from SS (12-18cm) to XL (42-50cm). It comes with an AC adaptor as well as a rechargeable battery pack.
The device is fitted with a shock-proof bumper to protect it from accidental damage and comes with fully automatic oscillometric and manual auscultatory mode. It is possible to manually adjust the inflation pressure for improved patient comfort.


  • Robust Design: Shock-proof bumper protects against falls from a bed or desk
  • Dual measurement modes: Switch from Oscillometric Mode to Manual Auscultation Mode depending on the patient's condition
  • Ideal for adult and pediatric patient population
  • 5 cuffs available - (SS: 12 to 18 cm, S: 17 to 22 cm, M: 22 to 32 cm, L: 32 to 42 cm, XL: 42 to 50 cm)
  • Designed to be used on a table
  • Motion stop function
  • Irregular pulse Indicator
  • Inflation Pressure Setting - 4 options: Auto, 220 mmHg, 250 mmHg, 280 mmHg
  • Last reading display function
  • Auto-Off
  • Custom Rechargeable battery
  • Large, easy-to-read backlight display