i-Stat Analyzer

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July 11, 2018
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July 8, 2018

i-Stat Analyzer

The fully automated i-STAT® System offers a broad menu of tests for diagnostic and treatment indicators related to disease state management and clinical practice guidelines. Using just two or three drops of blood, the system provides time-sensitive tests at the patient’s bedside in just minutes.

Benefits of the i-Stat System

  • Supports a patient-centric approach to health care that accelerates patient care decision-making by reducing the time to get needed information to clinicians
  • Optimizes system efficiency by eliminating process steps and handoffs to help reduce the incidence of errors and promote patient safety
  • Supports quality and compliance requirements that complement the vital services that laboratory professionals provide to patients and their caregivers
  • Leverages the power of a single, integrated bedside testing solution through:
      ■ a comprehensive menu of tests
      ■ a single testing system, rather than multiple systems and protocols
      ■ standardized lab-quality bedside testing
      ■ simplified implementation,training, and support for regulatory requirements
      ■ a system that is lightweight, portable,and easy to use

The i-STAT System complements the clinical laboratory’s efforts by providing lab-quality results for the most commonly used tests while improving efficiency throughout the continuum of care.